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The expert design staff at Aquarius Beads and Gifts, Inc will be happy to assist as you complete the activities required to earn jewelry and crafting badges.
We have many books, magazines and jewelry for you to browse that will give you information about jewelry from different cultures, different stones, birthstones, jewelry making techniques, and much more.  They are full of design ideas and pictures you can copy. 
We have hundreds of beaded jewelry designs displayed in the store . . . perfect for you to draw or modify to create your own piece.
A brief description of the jewelry and beading activities for each badge are listed below.  For more complete information -- see your Girl Scout Handbook.
Jeweler Badge Activities
Juniors (Ages 8-11)
  1. Make a piece of jewelry using materials that are not precious metals or gems (for example: handmade beads, hardware, paper).
  2. Macrame -- knot string and other cords into decorative patterns.  Interweave beads, shells, wood, etc.
  3. Learn abut the jewelry from different cultures.
  4. Learn about different jewelry making techniques.
  5. Visit a museum or gallery exhibit of jewelry.
  6. Make a piece of jewelry out of organic material.
  7. Make an item of jewelry that combines at least three different elements.
  8. Make a box for your jewelry.
  9. Learn about one type of stone or mineral used in jewelry.
  10. Find out about the symbolism of different kinds of jewelry.  Make a piece of jewelry to give to someone else as a symbol of your friendship.
Just Jewelry Badge Activities
Cadette/Seniors (Ages: 11-17)
  1. Draw an item of jewelry you would like to have
  2. Put together a toolbox of equipment that you will need to make jewelry.
  3. Learn about jewelry findings.
  4. Craft a piece of jewelry from a commonly found item.
  5. Assemble a collection of beads.  Make a necklace or bracelet from your bead collection.
  6. Make a pin or pendant using a combination of at least three different materials.
  7. Research the history of jewelry.
  8. Work with a jeweler using specialized techniques.
  9. Learn about metals commonly used in jewelry.
  10. Arrange a collection of 20 or more stones, minerals, gems or crystals that are used in jewelry (pictures or actual samples).
  11. Find out about technological advances in jewelry composition and manufacturing.
  12. Contribute an item of jewelry you have made to a worthy cause.
  13. Help a group of younger girls with a jewelry craft project.
  14. Help a younger girl earn the Jeweler badge or the Art to Wear Try-It.
  15. Volunteer for a craft guild or art league.
  16. Identify 10 careers related to jewelry making.
  17. Start a business selling jewelry you have made.
  18. Get a course catalog from a school that has jewelry crafting and related fields.
  19. Interview a professional jeweler.
Art to Wear Badge Activities
Juniors (Ages 8-11)
  1. Eight fashion design activities are listed for this badge.  Beading, or bead embroidery may be incorporated into these designs.
  2. Draw or create a piece of jewelry you think will be a future trend.
  3. Dress up a plain or old garment with a small decorative item (for example - beads).
"Making" Hobbies Badge Activities
Juniors (Ages 8-11)
  1. There are ten activities related to the crafting hobby of your choice.
  2. Beading is a craft that will allow you to complete all ten activities -- and it is so much fun!!
"Doing" Hobbies Badge Activities
Juniors (Ages 8-11)
  1. Just like the "making" hobbies badge, there are ten activities for this badge related to the hobby of your choice.
  2. Beading is a hobby that will allow you to complete all ten activities -- and it really is so much fun!!
Artistic Crafts Badge Activities
Cadette/Seniors (Ages: 11-17)
  1. There are a wide variety of activities related to crafting required for this badge.
  2. Many of these activities can be accomplished with beading!! 

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